ATAK Επαληθευμένο



Athanasios Akonidis aka ATAK, born and raised in Greece’s small town near Thessaloniki called Yannitsa. From an early age, his habit was listening all kinds of music at family’s hi-fi stereo system and changing tracks from tape to tape as a childhood game he wasn’t good at. Not long after, he decided to learn music theory and string instruments. As an adolescent, with technology’s assist, he started playing music at home and soon in local high school parties that he had the opportunity to make his own fame and play at bars in his hometown. Then, he entered into more music projects like radio shows and guest appearances. For the time being, he lives and studies in Thessaloniki and he is also a picky electronic music spinner with a unique art form that hovers between melodic, deep and tech vibes which spins anyplace he lies around. Finally, he is currently trying to finish his first ep that he is working on almost for a year.




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