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His story begins a few miles across the Atlantic Ocean, far away from Greece. In New York, the city which is considered by many house music’s Mecca. Born in the early ‘80s, all the sonic influences he got from his birthplace, served as a catalyst in creating his special music DNA. This was made even clearer when he returned to Greece, in 1993 at the age of 13. His interference with music business starts even before coming of age, as a part of the +Soda team, one of the legendary stages that marked Athens’ nightlife. While Dino worked there as a waiter assistant, he expressed for the very first time his love for DJing. This love, combined with his natural music sensor and communication charisma, put him by the time he was 20 years old in charge of the big club’s Bossa Nostra public relations, one practice that during the early ‘00s s significantly different than nowadays. A year later, in 2002, Bossa Nostra is proud to present the unique Music For Us parties with Dino as a promoter. Besides, the abbreviation MFU of his stage name, is dedicated to those unforgettable nights when people of Athens were enjoying themselves, with him being the mastermind behind of it all. This year though played an important part in his life when a few months later he became acquainted with one of Dino’s main influences, Little Louie Vega, the king of house music. This was pretty much how Dino’s perception of music and life in general changed forever. Their cooperation was inevitable and started after the party that Dino organized for him at Bossa Nostra Noir. It was continued for many years, making Dino his sole promoter of Louie Vega in Greece, with the exception of Mykonos. The quality of their collaboration is evident on all of these successful stages that were added to Dino’s bio. Apart from his weekly parties at the monumental LuV, starting in 2005, Dino became resident DJ at Club Venue (which was at that time one of the few prestigious dance clubs of Athens), Villa Mercedes, Sixx Athens and Club Glow. Of course, all these were combined with live sets and parties throughout famous Greek clubs. For a person whose music doesn’t bear seasons, summer could not but hold an important part of his “DJ diary”. Mykonos has been following Dino’s beats and tunes since 2008. He is one of the few Greek resident DJs of world-known club Cavo Paradiso, but also Scarpa’s, the House’s music center at the Chora of Mykonos, where the decks fill with his presence every Greek summer night. As far as Athens is concerned, Bolivar, the biggest summer club, has Dino as its few resident DJs since 2014. Along with Louie Vega, Dino works together with Timmy Regisford and Quentin Harris, who played a significant role in the formation of his musical identity. His successful sets behind the booth of big venues made Dino’s name familiar to everyone having to do with House music in Greece. Having by his side the talented Chis IDH –whom he included in MFU-, and the hugely popular deep house music producer, Dsf, he starts in 2007 experimenting with musical production. Their MFU remixes can be heard in every venue in Greece and even four of them were distributed under Louie Vega’s label, Vega Records and several other foreign record labels. His multi layered sound, as a result of his many musical influences, some of them being Barry White, Sade, Michael Jackson and other soul artists, defined him and, along with his success and fame in Greece, allowed him to play venues in New York, Miami, Rome, Australia and Balkans, all of which have swayed in his rhythm, his soulful tracks, who aim to unite his loyal fans. Either way, as Dino believes, there is no perfect venue, but the most important ingredient is the crowd. The new decade finds Dino locked and load, with even more passion (as ever). Keeping his residencies in the big clubs, the events are multiplying by the numbers. In the summer of 2014, in just two months, he added up 57 events. In 2011, Imany’s big hit “You will never know”, comes to his mixing desk and, along with Chris IDH, they create an informal, but very successful remix, making Imany choose them as a follow-up in her after shows during her Greek tour. One of Dino’s basic principles is to never compromise and never play something that doesn’t represent him. This, combined with his passion for music and attention to detail, leads him in the creation of his record label, zero10 records in Greece, one of the most vibrant and energetic labels in the country. Zero10 records was formed in 2013 and already has more than 70 releases with 50.000 CDs and some important actions, such as seminars for young kids with love for music and a very successful production, called In House, which was staged in the mainly classical Megaro Mousikis (Megaron Athens Concert Hall) and was buzzing with house and electro tunes. Zero10 made it to the top in just a few minutes. With the first release of Shaya’s “I’m in love” in January 2013, instantly was the center of attraction, leaving a very promising future. These promises were well kept with the track “On your Name”, which was Dino’s release with the Slick Beats in April of the same year. Very quickly it became a pinpoint of house music and this success is holding even two years after its initial release while the song is included in every up-to-date DJ’s playlist and web views surpass the 3 million. His YouTube channel also hosts live sets on camera and by looking at the numbers of official downloads and hearings of his songs in the biggest musical platforms (YouTube, Shazam) no one can deny that success is something that cannot be hidden. At the same time, zero10 records welcomes two awards, one platinum for “On Your Name” and one golden for the collaboration remix with Agent Greg and Dsf of “Falling” by Greek band Playmen. Dino followed the same successful path during 2015 too, enjoying every side of music, touring Greece non-stop and preparing for fresh and original musical concepts that are about to become the talk of the town. An enthusiastic professional as a producer, creator and of course, DJ.


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