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Mark F. Angelo was born in Athens. His studies at a music high school motivated him to begin writing and producing, not only for projects of his own, but for other artists as well. At a very young age, he was signed to the American labels System Recordings and Red Dust Records Music and one year later to Bonzai Music.

In 2009, he signed to MY Group and began working with the up and coming at the time, Vegas and Shaya, her doing vocals for “My Radio” – the official jingle of MAD radio 106, top teenage station in Greece. A next major step for Mark was his collaboration with MAD TV, as he was assigned to write and produce the theme track – and debut single – for MAD Video Music Awards 2010 by Vodafone, the result of which was the ultra –hit “Far From Everything” featuring, once again, Shaya. Far From Everything reached #2 in the National Airplay Chart, and would have topped it if it weren’t for Shakira’s “Loca”!

His debut album, “Play.Pause.Stop.Rewind”, was released in July 2010, on MY Group and Sony Music. The album features special all star guests such as: Onirama, Vegas, Alex Kavvadias, Shaya, Lydia Papaioannou, Jamie Jay, Hazel. 

In September 2010, Mark releases his 2nd single, “Mi se Noiazei” featuring Vegas, and two new versions of “Far From Everything”, him producing the acoustic version of the track and Emanuel Kosh, the well known Belgian producer, signing the club remix. “Mi se noiazei” was also the theme track for the Big Brother4 TV show which was broadcast by ALPHA Channel. 

From December 2010 till April 2011, Mark F. Angelo performed at Gazoo club, alongside Onirama, Mironas Stratis and Shaya. Mark and the popular group “Onirama” collaborated in his 3rd single titled “Turn Back Time” that was included in “Play.Pause.Stop.Rewind”. The video clip was released in March 2011.

In June 2011, Mark released “I’m The One”, his collaboration single with Otherview, which became the ultimate summer hit for 2011. I’m the One was a huge hit and charted as high as #3 in the National Airplay Chart.

Mark F. Angelo and Shaya won 2011 MTV BEST GREEK ACT award, at MTV EMA (Belfast)!

Together, they also opened for David Guetta, at an open-air show in Montenegro, summer 2011!

At the beginning of 2012, Mark released his single “Break Down”, which was the theme song of this year’s MadWalk by Vodafone event. His current single is “Insane” (feat. Mary Jeras).

He also collaborated with producer Reckless, the result of which is the ultimate hit “Summer Dream, which has just been released!



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