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Dj The Boy is considered one of the most respectable and admired battle Dj’s in Europe, established as the leader of new school hip hop DJ’ing in Greece

, respected by both the underground and mainstream audience. Over the past three years, he has succeeded in winning the Greek DMC DJ championship three times in a row and has represented his country in three DMC finals in London, UK. Moreover, he has attended various underground battle contests in Europe such as Rock Raida’s, Gong Battle, in order to raise his profile outside Greece by battling some of the worlds greatest Dj’s. Born in 1980 in north Athens, The Boy started ‘scratching’ in 1996 after attending as a spectator Greece’s 94’, 95’ and 96’ DMC finals and watching some of his ‘old school’ idols performing live on decks. The Boy has always been involved in Greek hip hop’s battle of acceptance during the period 1993 and 2000 when FFC and TXC brought this new era in the country and successfully tried to incorporate it into the Greek lifestyle. He is regarded as part of the “second” wave and generation of Greek hip hopers alongside Taki Tsan, Midenistis, Eisvoleas and the rest of the “Ixokratoria” squad for which he gradually became the official live performance DJ and DJ battle representative. Subsequent to many years of practicing and ‘scratch’ battling, Dj The Boy finally succeeded in establishing a brand name in the Greek hip hop industry and therefore Dj’ed for some of the country’s greatest hip hop bands and individuals performers such as ZN, Eisvoleas and GIANTS for which he is currently considered as their official live concert Dj. In addition, he appeared in many live concerts as a special guest to some of the world’s greatest artists in the Hip Hop industry including, Busta Rhymes, Guru and RZA (Wu Tang Clan). Lately, Dj The Boy, concluded his live performances all over Greece with rap superstar Taki Tsan and the “Rima Gia Xrima Tour 1 & 2” that carried out more than 30 live performances in 20 different cities of Greece. According to Dynasty Group Athens, the management company, more than 10,000 people watched live this tour that traveled around the country for 16 months and featured all big rappers from the Greek music industry. The Boy’s high caliber scratching skills are extensively recognized in Greece and Europe since he is widely known for his tight cuts when using punch lines to fit in various hip hop beats creating in this way a scratch “battlefield” in every song he features on. Over the past years he featured in many artists’ albums (both released and unreleased hip hop collections) and has already presented three underground mix tapes: “Grand Champion Hot Joints”, “Deal For The Real” and “Tropos Zohs” (“Way of Life”). The latest was for the car magazine Max Power. Furthermore he featured in various tracks with: TXC, Taki Tsan, Midenistis, Eisvoleas, Xarmanis, TNS, Phyrosun, Taraxias, Voreia Asteria, Mikros Kleftis, GIANTS, Neon, Lyrical Poet, Quattro Uomo (Razza Latina). In 2004 he also guest-appeared in Goin’ Through’s “La Sagrada Familia” (Universal – Def Jam) which achieved Golden Status. Together with Midenistis, Dj The Boy is the co-founder of KINGSTYLE, which is considered one of Greece’s most hardcore and infamous crews and is lately collaborating with the music producer Platinum in the productions of the new GIANTS LP. In conjunction to the scratch battles and the DMC competitions, The Boy, is also considered as one of Greece’s hottest club DJ’s. Alongside with MC Gifted and the Knockout team, he weekly performed in Athens’s and Thessalonica’s most popular nightclubs, such as: Room, Guzel & Dogs. During winter 2010, The Boy performed in Grand Bretagne inner club, T-Palace, creating in this way an extremely high class – VIP event were the city’s elite people gathered every Tuesday to party. Moreover, during summer 2010, The Boy collaborated with the Magna team in the Akrotiri-Boutique party, while on the same time performed with Midenistis all over Greece’s nightclubs, expanding in this way his recognition in other cities as well. One of Dj The Boy’s highlight moments is his recent delivery of “Grand Champion Hot Joints”. This mixtape included 50 tracks from all respected underground Greek MC’s and attained great attention all over the Internet and the streets of Athens were it was promoted hand by hand. It is vital to mention that the “Grand Champion Hot Joints” mixtape without any mainstream endorsement has officially sold more than 2,000 copies and is nowadays considered as the “Recent Greek Hip Hop Encyclopedia” due to its variety of artist, themes and rap styles. Last but not least, Dj The Boy together with music producer Diveno took major part in the creation of the music background of the recently released “Greek hip hop documentary”.


3 Times DMC Champion 

2005 2006 2007 DMC World Finalist

2006 European Gong Battle Runner up




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