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George Seragos




Immersed in music from a young age, Greek Dj and producer George Seragos, a.k.a Sergeo has ridden a wave of success and creativity few can rival. From the very 

age of 15, he bought a Global Underground Series cd compilation proving a spur for success. 

Leaving his hometown to study Computer & Business at Warwick University at the age of 18 was a significant highlight for his music career. In 1999, by co-hosting the RaW Dance Selector –the university’s most popular radio show- immediately drew attention to himself, and in November 2000, repeating the success again, they were awarded the title of “The Best Radio Show of the year”. Two years later, by joining a music technology master’s degree at City University, UK, he signals his intent to assert underground dance floor dominance.  

2002 has provided a set of top-flight credentials that have led him to Dj competition success, organized by Heineken and earning the second prize, under the watchful eyes of Pete Tong as well as a debut contribution in Greece’s most renowned radio station, Best Radio 92,6. Hosting a weekly radio show for the afterhours zone, with his own brand of eclectic sets, a light was first shone on Sergeo’s burgeoning talent. Joining forces with G-Pal and Adrianos Papadeas- both no strangers to success in their own right- they quickly provided a fertile ground for George to showcase his redoubtable talent. 

George Seragos has been at the cutting edge of the electronic music scene for more than a decade and has seen highlights such as the remix contest organized online by Skint records for remixing the track “Kill 100” by X-Press 2 where we won the first prize (Sergeo Remix), as well as his contribution as the A&R manager at the renowned Greek independent record label “The Sound Of Everything”. Former gigs in London, Dubai and with multiple appearances at one of Greece’s most reputable clubs Cavo Paradiso, has added to a global presence as Sergeo’s career begun to make strides.  

George Seragos has consistently remained at the highest echelons of the music industry. Over the past year, as the owner, A&R and label manager of both Swift Lab Records and Wet Recordings, he has provided a conduit for an impressive music output, ensuring that his sound remains as relevant and important today as it has ever done.




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