DJ NICK G Επαληθευμένο



Greek DJ, Nick G, skillfully blends boogie and new house.Incorporating vocal tracks and dance floor-friendly re-edits, he keeps the groove balanced from beginning to end.  His music is like a journey, through emotions and images. His transitions are smooth with many emotions harmoniously tied together, his dj sets is like a story. They call him storyteller for the way he mixes and his smooth transitions. That’s one of the reasons why he continues to gain peoples interest successfully. Nick G spend’s countless time listening and searching for new music, practicing the art of djing, growing up his skills and finding ways to mix lounge music, glamorous beats, indie dance, nu disco, deep house, jackin house, tech house, minimal tech house, techno, house and progressive house in order to establish a perfect smooth transition. Since 1990 we watched him performing in radio stations, music television and many popular clubs all around Greece.For 3 years he was at Jeronymo Groovy radio station in Athens (1990-1993).For 1 year he was at Jeronymo Groovy TV (1992-1993).For 2 years he was at NRJ radio station in Athens (1999-2000).For 3 years he was resident DJ in Fuego after club in Santorini (1997-1999).For 1 year resident DJ at Planet ios club in Ios island (2004). For 1 year at Tessera club in Athens (1993). For 3 years at Mauve club in Athens (2003-2006) and 2 more years at Motel club in Athens (2007-2009). He continued mixing at Aigli in Mykonos for 2 years (2008-2009) at Peri$cope Athens (2009-2010) also at G spot club in Athens, for 2 more years (2007-2009) and many more other venues, where he made every time his audience go wild and dance till they drop down!! One of his characteristics is that Nick G never stand still on what he already knows. Therefore he always takes his music one step ahead. His mixing techniques could be described as positive and emotional with smooth and harmoniously transitions! And that’s also one of the reasons why people responded enthusiastically to his gigs!. During all this time, he has played along with international DJs making warm-up for them, Antony Pappa, Tazz, Miss Behavin,Sarah G, Tomcraft, Deep Dish, Sharam,Tom Novy, Ronn Carrol and many others. In recent years, Nick G is being resident at Mamalouka, Vicolo, Babylon, Ode, Aigli, Veranda, Bonbonniere, Down Under, Room 101 in Mykonos. And also he perform’s and is a part of the dj team at the famous worldwide Cavo Paradiso club and Tropicana beach club at Mykonos island. For those who know him and for the ones who really want to enjoy his irresistible, wandering style, his events there will give you the best Bio of him! The last years Nick G dealing with music production and the production of his own music and he is a member of S.S.B (scratch style brothers) record company based in Omsk city Russia, with releases at: cavo paradiso, zero10, Beatport, junodownload, traxsource and iTunes. Furthermore, he travels to Russia every winter performing in various clubs in different cities like: Angar club, 5thAvenue, Atlantida club, Amstredam bar, Red’s bar, Cream bar, Black mama club, Carousel club, Coffe base bar, Freebase club and many more. “Is that a problem I can fix, that I can do it in the mix…”, is his motto in life. He always tries for people to know what and how music could be !!



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