JC is a Hip Hop and RnB DJ based in Greece. His unorthodox style of mixing, diverse style of music, high intensity atmosphere created at clubs combined with hisfashion persona are the defining characteristics that make him one of the most recognisable figures in the Greek DJ scene.

As an artist, JC is highly influenced by fashion. During Fashion Month, JC always attends Paris and Milan Fashion Week, searching for new music and fashion trends, as well as meeting new people and artists from all around the globe. This gives him the ability to spread fresh vibes during his DJ sets as he always brings new ideas and sounds to the audience. 

With collaborations such as German VICE, appearances in the biggest Clubs in Greece such as Void in Mykonos and performances in London during Fashion Week, JC wants to share his personal music taste and his aesthetic with people from all over the world. “Every country, every city, every crowd is different and to keep all these different people uplifted is what excites me more” as JC says.

During 2017, JC pioneered his first official tour (The Red Cup Tour) during the summer which took place around Greece in cities such as Mykonos, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Lefkada, Zante, Chalkidiki and more. In addition the young artist performed in various cities across Europe ranging from Berlin and Frankfurt through to Limassol, Skopje, and Sofia. 

In his home country, JC is the resident of the biggest club in Northern Greece, J’adore Club in Thessaloniki, where he is based although he frequently travels to do guest appearances in the islands and the cities across the country as catering to everyone and bringing joy to new people is really what he loves.

You can listen to JC’s music on his mixcloud page. His latest mixtape 

“RED CUP 3” is now online. (https://www.mixcloud.com/JCtheofficial/jc-red-cup-3/



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